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Once again, I have been playing with my food.

During the month of  January 2011, we had some unusual weather that kept many in my neck of the woods at home.  Snow is not a common sight in the Sandhills area of North Carolina.  When the forecasts call for accumulation of the white stuff we crowd the grocery stores for milk and bread.  I have not researched why these two items are important and it becomes the topic of several jokes during the winter storm events.   If you have read my previous blogs you’ll not be surprised that milk and pancakes are the two items I prefer to have with or without snow outside.   During the most recent winter weather I decided that I needed to make some pancakes, but I wanted to have some fun making them.  I contemplated with the idea of making snowflakes.  After I got the hand of dribbling the batter on the griddle, I was able to produce some snowflake-like pancakes. Although they looked unusual, they must have been cooked correctly, because they were devoured immediately after I shot a few pics.  I also put together a snowman without any issues and remembered that I was hungry and quickly made some traditional round pancakes.   Inspired by the snow and enjoyed inside the warmth of my house.  Very much worth the effort!

I am including more photos than usual for this posting.  Consider it a special centerfold edition!!!







Providing food for future leaders.

I am proud to be a graduate of Leadership Richmond.  The 6 month course provided me with tan opportunity to learn more about myself as well as my community.  I made new friends and continue to work with those friends on the Leadership Richmond board to help plan sessions.   One important item of discussion as the new series of sessions begin is what food is going to be provided and who will sponsor the meals.  As expected, I jumped to the chance to help provide meals for the attendees.

Leadership Richmond Orientation Breakfast

Missing the Holiday season.

I probably eat more during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays than any other time of the year.  Christmas parties, co-workers bringing in goodies and dinner with family give me more than usual opportunities to eat.  One of my favorite items to eat is pie!!  I realize that pie is not just for Holiday meals, but this seems to be the time when I eat pie the most.  There is something about having sweet potato pie after a Thanksgiving meal and chocolate pie for a late snack during the Christmas season.

Please take a moment to share your favorite type of pie below.


Delicious holiday pies

Behind on my posts.

I’ve had a busy few months and didn’t realize that I had abandoned this blog. I’ve been to some great restaurants and even shot a few food pics. I’ll try to catchup and keep fresh food items coming.

Although I have not posted anything since Late November 2010, people are still paying attention to the site as well as the cell phone pics that I load to my Facebook page.

Several times recently, at church of all places, I have been approached by someone telling ne that they enjoyed my food porn. I am thankful that people pay attention and amused that they havlee to whisper the word “porn” in church.

Many times, I am tagged in a Facebook photo of a friends meal or desert. This, in my opinion, is a pretty cool tribute to the food porn blog.

One more piece of babble – I’m waiting for a table at a restaurant and a lady walks up to me and asks, “Are you Jimmy McDonald?” I never am sure if I should say “Yes” or “No” to this question. I said, “Yes, I am.” and she begins to tell me how much she enjoys the food porn and that she plans on shooting some pics of her dinner with her new cell phone. How awesome is this? Well, I think it is! :)

Now that I have shared a few moments during my absence from this site, I will make plans to locate previous photos for near future blog posts.

Thanks for drooling on my page!!!!