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A very royal meal indeed.

I was lucky to have made many trips to Walt Disney World as a child and always wondered what was inside the Castle.  Originally, a suite was planned for the Disney family and executives, but since Walt Disney died nearly five years before the park opened, it remained unfinished, and eventually was turned successively into a telephone call center, a dressing room, and is currently a lavish Dream Suite hotel room for specially selected guests.   That would have been a great experience to spend a night in the castle.

Cinderella’s Royal Table, formerly known as King Stefan’s Banquet Hall, is a restaurant inside the castle. Located on the second floor, guests can take the circular stairway or the elevator to this royal dining room, where the younger guests are “princes” and “princesses”, while the adults in the party are referred to as lords and ladies. Walt Disney Imagineers had originally wanted to give the restaurant a regal name, and since there are no well-known characters from “Cinderella” that met their criteria, they instead took a little dramatic license and chose the name of Sleeping Beauty’s father, King Stefan. The name was changed on April 28, 1997, in order not to confuse tourists.

When you enter the castle you are offered a photo opportunity with Cinderella and there are several Princesses roaming the dining hall.

The food at Royal Table is very delicious.  During my most recent visit I ordered Sliced Roasted Beef Tenderloin with
Duchess Potatoes, and mac and cheese in place of the asparagus.   For dessert I chose VALRHONA CHOCOLATE MOUSSE:
A light Chocolate Mousse presented with Berries and Raspberry Sauce.

Pre-payment is required upon making reservations.

Oh Canada!!!

Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion is one of my favorite restaurants to order a steak dinner.  It’s a bit dark inside, but I like it.   the candle lit tables provide enough light to keep my eyes on the food and concentrate on a delicious meal.

For my latest meal I ordered 16-oz Bone-In Rib-Eye with Herb-Parmesan Potato Wedges and Maple-Pink Peppercorn Butter.

The restaurant take reservations 180 days in advance. I suggest that if you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World and want to have a meal at Le Cellier make your reservations as soon as you can.

The trio of chocolate dessert is also recommended.  It’s just the right amount of sweet goods to top off the meal.

16-oz Bone-In Rib-Eye with Herb-Parmesan Potato Wedges and Maple-Pink Peppercorn Butter

My roll was the star of the show.


starring rolls cafeYes thats’ a corny title, but it’s the truth.  The Starring Roles cafe is another of the areas that seems to be passed by because it is tucked into a corner of the Studio park.  This is good for those who know of the treasures available inside.   The Disney website describes the Starring Roles  offerings as “Stellar baked goods, sushi and focaccia sandwiches are the stars. Fresh coffee, cappuccino and espresso are part of the supporting cast.“  The cupcakes receive many great reviews and for those who like a quick cup of coffee this is your place.

I am fond of the cinnamon rolls and a carton of milk for a quick snack.

Starring Roles Cafe is located on the corner of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard

Tutto Italia Ristorante

If you have the opportunity to visit Tutto Italia Ristorante located at Italy World Showcase in Epcot make sure that you have an appetite.    Tutto Italia Ristorante is part of the Patina Restaurant Group.   Noted for their “Naples” restaurant in Disneyland, the Epcot venue features the cuisine of Master Chef Joachim Splichal. The food is prepared with care and tastes wonderful.   The atmosphere is very relaxing and is a great location to take a break after a long day in the park.   The service was very efficient and took care of our table as expected in the fine dining restaurant.

I enjoyed the baked lasagna, bread and chocolate and hazelnut torte with whipped cream.  I have never visited Italy before, but according to reviews that I have read online the restaurant is a good representation of locations from the country.

Quick service at the Electric Umbrella.

How cool is the name “Electric Umbrella?”   This reminds me of an ’80′s hip-hop band.  Located in the Future World area of Epcot,  this air-conditioned, indoor venue is an ideal place to enjoy a quick break during your visit.

I am pleased to report again that the quick service portions are very adequate and delicious.   This particular is setup to handle large crowds with many ordering corrals and tables scattered throughout the large building.   Being a fan of cheese, I was glad to see my meatball sub covered with wonderful melted mozzarella. The fries (with plenty of ketchup) and grapes went well with the sub and we were once again on our way to continue our visit to Epcot.

Meatball Sub - Served with Grapes or French Fries.


I had an appetite as big as T-REX

T-REX Café is a dinosaur-themed family eatery serving lunch and dinner amid prehistoric creatures, fun displays and merchandise.   This is one of the newest eating locations in downtown Disney and worth a visit.  Fortunately we had reservations and waited a minimal 5 minutes before being led through a prehistoric world of caves and frozen rooms to our table surrounded by animated dinos.  There is a lot going on in this restaurant and plenty to look at.

The large menu includes items such as Brachiosaurus Bruschetta, Supersaurus Sampler, Layers of the Earth Lasagna, prehistoric pizzas, the Gigantosaurus Burger, sandwiches, steaks and seafood.  There were many items that I wanted to try and decided on the Supersaurus Sampler because I liked the name and all of the items that were included.  I also had to add a side of ribs because they offered them at a discounted price.  The menu items had great pricing for a themed restuarant.

The sampler is listed on the menu as: For an appetite as big as T-REX! Spinach and pepper jack queso with tortilla chips, Brachiosaurus Bruschetta, T-Rexadillas and Onion Rings.  I just happened to have a T-REX appetite this day and ate nearly everything provided.    I may have even had dessert, but cannot confirm since there was not a photo for proof.

View  menu

Fast food at the Backlot Express

I have always had good experiences at the quick service locations throughout the Walt Disney World resort.  One of my favorite location at  Disney Studios is the Backlot Express.  The areas are designed to look like a paint shop, stunt hall, sculpture shop and model shop.   This busy counter service location doesn’t waste time sending the food out to hungry customers.  With over 600 seats the area is typically swarming with people, but it has never seemed crowded. Just busy.

This tie I chose the 1/3 lb Angus Cheeseburger topped with Cheddar, Sweet Onion Ring, Vine-ripened Tomato, Lettuce and House Spread serviced with French Fries.  The tomato had to be removed (I dont eat them) , but the rest of the burger was great!  Once again the dessert was also delicious.

We were fortunate to find a seat beside one of the condiment islands and kept a steady flow of ketchup and napkins at the table.

The Backlot Express is located between Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! and Star Tours.

Visiting Japanese Pavilion at Epcot

Being a huge fan of a local Japanese restuarant I wanted to try to quick service place at the Japan exhibit in Epcot.   The  Katsura Grill formerly known as the Yakitori House offers a good selection of quick meals to prevent guests from losing valuable time seeing the other areas of the park.  Indoor and outdoor dining areas are available.

upon viewing the menu I did not see my usual Hibachi chicken that I enjoy so much while at home.   I chose the Shogun Combo, which includes Teriyaki chicken and beef with sticky rice and vegetables.   It was a good meal and was just enough to last me until dinner.

I have never seen a large crowd at this location and recommend making a stop to take a break.

If you time it just right you can see the Japanese taiko drummers, Matsuriza perform.


No shortage of sweets at Disney.

There are a few things that you can expect to see at any Disney Park.    Disney Characters, guests from many countries and just about any type of sweet delight that you can imagine.   Every restaurant has a dessert or two to choose from.   Various candy stores, bakeries and ice-cream shops are scattered throughout the resort.

The benefits of finding your way into one of the candy stores or bakeries are worth avoiding the next wait in line for a ride.  You get a chance to cool down on a hot day.  The aromas make you forget about the thousand of people that have been bumping into you.  Best of all, you get to enjoy a nice tasting product knowing that you will burn off most of the calories in no time as you exit the building.

I could probably spend all day shooting nothing but sweet treat photos and have a huge collection of pics at the end of the day.   I might challenge myself to do this during my next visit. Without a doubt, I know that I will have many opportunities for desserts during each day.  Since we participate in the meal plan there is not a meal that doesnt end with something sweet.


Rocky Road Candy Apple



Demos is a must while in Nashville.

When I first learned that I was heading to Nashville the first thing that I thought was “I am going to Demos!”   Of all of the restaurants in Nashville, Demos is my favorite.    I am a fan of sweet tea. Very sweet tea!  North Carolina is probably the sweet tea capital of the world.  Once you are out of N.C. it is a bit difficult to find tea with a large amount of sugar added.  Demos has a solution to this problem.  Just ask for some sugar water when you order tea.  The thick sugar syrup addition to a glass of tea is great!  All of the meals that I have had at Demos have been delicious.  I usually order a pasta dish, but this time I was craving steak.  Then, I started craving chicken.  So, I ordered Steak with chicken. To be more specific I had A seven-ounce cut of thick sirloin with grilled chicken tenderloins.  As in the past I was pleased with the meal and was tempted to lay down and take a nap.  Instead of the nap I chose to walk around beautiful downtown Nashville to site see.   I look forward to my next rip to music city.

Read Demos Story HERE

Demos downtown Nashville Location:

300 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 256-4655