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Hot wings at Ci-Ci’s Pizza

Tonight offered a late visit to Ci-Ci’s pizza, but I wasn’t very hungry.  I debated whether or not to order a dessert or just a drink.  The hot wings on the menu caught my eye, so I decided to order a few for tasting.   Somewhere between placing my order and sitting down the ticket never made it to the kitchen and I had to get up to ask about my wings.  Fortunately for me the person working the kitchen made a larger batch to give to me since I had an extra wait.  After tasting the first wing I was very thankful for the missing order ticket.  I didn’t think that I was hungry when first arriving, but once I started eating the wings I couldn’t stop.   The intensity of the hotness seemed to increase as I continued eating one after another.  The large batch of wings and a few glasses of tea certainly topped me off for the ride home.  When I make another trip I will have a tough decision between the wings and pizza.  I am now a fan of both.

Causeway Gourmet.

During a trip to Ocean Isle beach to photography a wedding we discovered the Causeway Gourmet by accident.   After the wedding we decided to find a place to grab a quick bite to eat and tried a few locations, but they were either closed, closing or didn’t serve anything besides ice-cream and candy.  On the other side of the bridge we noticed a small place that appeared to still be open so we raced over to see if we could find some decent food.  Walking to the door the posted hours showed that they closed in 15 minutes.  We entered and were greeted with smiles and asked if we were dining in tonight.  I confirmed their hours and was willing to get some food to go, but they insisted that we should eat in if that was our preference.  We quickly looked at the menu and placed an order.

I selected a cold sandwich called Drunken TomThe Drunken Tom contains Mesquite Smoked Turkey and Jack on Wheatberry bread with a little mayo and  Red Wine Peach Compote.  The sandwich was delicious and they have a nice selection of desserts available.   The Causeway Gourmet will definitely be on our list of places to visit during the next trip to Ocean Isle Beach.


Take out or delivery and catering too! We specialize in scratch cooking and fresh ingredients. Our extensive menu has appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees and homemade desserts. Please call ahead.


100-7 Causeway Drive, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 910-575-108


I had a dang quesadilla!

I have had opportunities to visit a Chili’s twice recently and have become a fan of the chicken quesadillas on the menu.  I’ve enjoyed visiting Chili’s for over 20 years and the menu changes frequently enough for me to find something different nearly every visit.

The old-fashioned burgers, chicken pasta and chili are also highly recommended.

Chili’s MENU