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Happy New Year!!!

We have a tradition to visit Ironwood Cafe in Pinehurst, N.C. for dinner on New Years Eve.  I will admit that last years visit was a bit disappointing because of the menu change for the evening.   I also do not care to getup to get appetizers and salad when I am paying more than usual for a meal.   I am happy to write that this years trip was very pleasant and the regular menu items were offered as in the past.  I’ve tried several different items from the menu, but my all time favorite is the BLACKENED  RIBEYE.   The  12oz gorgonzola cheese crust, haystack onions garlic whipped potato and fresh vegetable meal is delicious.  A few years ago I would substitute the fresh vegetable with the chipotle mashed sweet potatoes.  This item has since been removed from the menu, but our waitress tonight agreed that it should return.  The sweet mash was always prepared perfectly to provide a sweet taste at first then the chipotle would kick the tongue just a tad.  I hope to see this return to the menu in the future.

The ribeye is a select hand cut piece of beef that is always cooked as ordered.  I like sauces and tend to use steak sauce when I eat steak, but the Ironwoods ribeye never needs anything in addition. The gorgonzola cheese adds a nice amount of extra flavor to the dish.

The Ironwood cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating.  We also like to visit and sit outside beside the flaming fountain when the weather permits.

The Ironwood Cafe

2176 Midland Rd Pinehurst, NC 28374 ~ 910.255.0000