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Championship Burger at Pinkys.

I have driven by Pinky’s Westside Grill many times and have thought about stopping in and finally did this week.

Pinky’s opened in November of 2010 in the former home of Triple G Automotive.  The signature red white and blue VW on the roof makes the building stand out at the busy Charlotte intersection. The interior has several original artwork piece for sale and a couple of coin operated games if you have to wait for a table.  There was not a wait time today, but I did return to the KISS pinball machine for a game after lunch.

I had checked out the menu online and today was in the mood for a good burger.  Pinkys offers several burger options with plenty of condiments to choose.  I built a five-ounce beef burger with pepper-jack cheese, chilli and slaw.  The burger had more than enough of the toppings went it arrived.  I had to use a fork to eat most of it, but this wasnt a problem to me.  The burger was very good and I also enjoyed the extra chili that found its way out of the bun.   I ordered a side of waffle fries that were also very delicious.

If you have read previous posts you know that I am a fan of sweet tea.  Pinkys scores a A+ on their tea.  I could have drank a whole pitcher.


Pinky’s location is easy to get to from I-77, I-85, I-277, and just about anywhere in Charlotte, NC. At the intersection of Morehead St. and Freedom Dr., Pinky’s is near every major interstate, making it not only a favorite for Charlotte, but an easy yummy trip for the entire metropolitan area. The decor is fun and light, while maintaining a good degree of suave dignity. There is parking in front of, behind, and across the street from the restaurant. Take a look at the maps, it’s closer than you think.

Pinky’s Westside Grill
1600 W Morehead St
Charlotte, NC 28208

(704) 332-0402

Automatic pancake maker.

During a ski trip to West Virginia we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Princeton near several restaurants and gas stations.   Holiday Inn Express located about 20 minute from Winterplace Ski resort and we’ve had good experiences there with the exception of the 11:00pm fire alarm that never ended.  Regardless of the fire alarm, I continue to book rooms because of the location and the people working there are some of the nicest I people that I have met.

During the most recent trip we were loading up on the free breakfast and I noticed a machine with a picture of pancakes on it.  It appeared to be a pancake maker.  Could this be a dream? I love pancakes!! I pressed the button and within one minute I had two cook pancakes on a plate.  The machine is virtually noiseless and flips out two pancakes onto a plate from the side.  This has not always been available and I think is a nice addition to the continental breakfast selection.

I did some research and found these machine online for $3500.00.  They use pre-filled bags of batter and can produce up to 200 pancakes per hour. Amazing!!

I don’t go out for every meal.

Most of my posts feature food from various restaurants, but on occasion I have a home cooked meal.   Recently, my oldest son asked why we didn’t use the fine china displayed in the dining room.  This was all it took for my wife to prepare one of our favorites to be served on the barely used plates.   I think his question was a good one and I am pleased to show off the results.

Chicken parmesan, garlic mashed potatoes, fettuccini alfredo and beans.  It was a very good meal and I think all of us cleaned our fine plates.

Mexican Hardees.

La Cabana, also know as Mexican Hardees, is my favorite Mexican restaurant to visit.   It’s called Mexican Hardees because it is in a former Hardees fast food location.  The current owners painted the building bright green and orange and you notice is as you approach from either direction of business highway #74 in Rockingham N.C.

The popular restaurant serves a wonderful chicken fajita quesadilla.  I prefer the chunks of chicken over shredded that some restaurants serve.  The chips and hot saulsa with queso cheese dip is also good.

La Cabana Mexican Restaurant was listed in Our State magazine in July 2010.


La Cabana Mexican Restaurant
220 West Broad Avenue, Rockingham, N.C. 28379
phone: (910) 410-9775