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My newfound love for seafood at New York Prime.

As a child I spent many summers with my grandparents at their place at Topsail Island, NC.   Their lot is a corner canal location with plenty of water for swimming and fishing.  I remember catching crab and snagging flounder in the canal.  I never liked the taste of crab, but enjoyed eating fresh flounder.   I used to setup a fishing rod with heavy weights to keep the hooks close to the bottom. Flounder rarely take bait and have to be snagged in order to bring one to the dock.   The smallest flounder fight like a 50 pound king mackerel.   Popcorn shrimp was another favorite seafood item that I’d order when we would go out to eat.  It was rare to find shrimp large enough to eat in the canal.

As I got older, I lost the taste for seafood and have avoided it with the exception of a shrimp or two and a Japanese steakhouse.   This week seafood found its way back to a plate in front of me and I liked it.   I have a feeling that a the fact that my last meal had been over 9 hours ago and I was starving may have been why I was willing to eat several items that I would have otherwise declined.  Regardless of the reason I enjoyed lobster and crab legs for the first time.  I also had shrimp prepared in a way that has persuaded me to find the recipe and make the same version on my own.   Baked shrimp battered in garlic and bread crumbs!  This was delicious! There were also onion rings, and delicious wine for starters.

The restaurant that prepared these delicious items was N.Y. Prime in Myrtle beach, SC.   My friends at Geological Resources, Inc. of Charlotte, NC invited me and I am very greatful for the awesome time that we had this evening.  The food, service and company were all wonderful!

I was nearly full from the appetizer and wine, but was looking forward to the recommended Filet Mignon.  All of their steaks are aged 28 days and prepared “Pittsburgh-style” with a charred exterior.  The meal is served family style and also included Creamed Spinach, Sautéed Mushrooms, Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus with Hollandaise plus a few more items.  There was no shortage of food at this table!

Our waiter, Bruno and another helper whose name I didnt get were one the ball making sure wine classes were full and the table was cleaned after each plate was removed.  Everything at New York Prime is first class!

New York Prime

405 28th Ave N.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


PHONE: 843.448.8081
FAX: 843.448.7726