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Starbucks. A place to chill.

I recently had some unexpected time when I didn’t have to rush to a job, event or meeting. I stumbled upon a Starbucks that was very inviting and I couldn’t resist. I am not a coffee drinker but enjoy the baked goods and chocolate frappuccinos. The rack of cinnamon coffe cakes were reaching out to me. I wasn’t in a chocolate mood and ordered my first vanilla beam frappuccino. I loved it!! It went very well with the cinnamon cake. Although I entered Starbucks with the intention of relaxing, I found myself sitting at an outside table. Once I finished my cake I located a comfortable chair and foot stool to catch up on some chillaxation time.


Cotton candy doughnut

Krispy Kreme has introduced a cotton candy doughnut to their line of sweetness through September 30th.  As if the traditional glazed doughnut wasn’t sweet enough they added a layer of blue sugar on top.  I would not be surprised if this item did not return to the permanent offering.



Smothered steak.

This evening, due to photographing a wedding, I had a later than normal dinner. Immediately following the wedding gig, I made my way to Fatz Cafe. I’ve never had a bad meal at Fatz and knew that my hunger would be cured. I selected a Ribeye smothered with peppers and onions. Regardless of the toppings I also like a little steak sauce.

Thanks to Fatz for curing my hunger pans.


Dessert at Ihop.

After seeing one commercial after another about Ihops pancake varieties I decided to give the cinnamon version s try. It was filling and very sweet just the way I like my desserts.



Not much to say about this surprise that landed on my desk today.  This chocolate chip covered strawberry was a nice treat!!  Another good work of art that I had to devour.