Nothing Chili about this meal.

15 October 2012 in Delicious!

Recently I have been trying various spicy meals.  This afternoon at Chili’s gave me an opportunity for some more of the tongue tingling food.

I am a huge fan of the two for $20 menu items.   For starters we chose the crispy onion strings and jalapenos stack.  The ranch dressing was useful to help keep the hotness down a bit. I had to ask for additional dressing and almost filled up on tea prior to my meal arriving.


For my dinner I selected to have the red roasted pepper grilled chicken over rice.  Broccoli originally comes with the mail however I chose extra rice instead of the green mess on my plate.  Without the broccoli, this still wasn’t the prettiest presentation I have seen, but it certainly tasted good.


I remember visiting Chilis during the late 80’s and ordering chili.  Their menu has had many changes during the past couple of decades.   I like being able to cotinue to enjoy a good meal and look forward to future additions to the menu.

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15 October 2012 Delicious!