Food is something all of us have in common. We must eat to fuel our bodies. Some eat healthier than others. I choose to eat for pleasure and enjoying tasting well prepared foods.

This blog/page is where I plan to share food memories and photos. I have been posting photos to flickr.com and Facebook for years. Connections on both websites expect the food porn pics when I find a delicious dish. I do not plan on posting meals that I do not like to eat, but this rule could be broken if I see an opportunity to photograph a food item. It will be safe to assume that I give the eating establishment two thumbs up for item that I post on this blog.

I hope one of my favorites will be one of yours!!!

Please share your opinions and suggestions for new additions to the Food Porn collection. Boom chicka wow wow!!

All photos courtesy of me! http://www.jimmymcdonaldphotography.com