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Fast Airport Breakfast

14 March 2015 in Delicious!

Starbucks seems to be at the right place at the right time.  At least twice, recently,  I’ve needed a quick breakfast prior to boarding a plane.

IMG_3216 IMG_3318

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Red Velvet

28 February 2015 in Delicious!

Being a fan of Red Velvet cake, I was happy to find out about Oreos Red Velvet cookie.    

The filing is a wonderful cream cheese icing flavor.   As I write this I realize that the icing may be what I enjoy more than the cake.   However, there is something attractive with the red.  Perhaps it’s because it is not the standard yellow or chocolate cake. 



Red velvet cake also known as the $100 dollar cake, $200 dollar cake, or Waldorph Astoria Cake is only a legend as is the Nieman Marcus cookies and all are examples of a legend that pits institutions against a consumer who feels he/she has been unfairly charged.The recipe is a grass roots recipe not an institutional one. 

James Beard outlines in his American Cookery that there is really 3 varieties of red velvet cake, recipes being different in the use of butter, shortening|vegetable shortening ( crisco ) and oil. Most all call for cake flour and buttermilk, baking soda and vinegar for the leaving process. The redness of the cake comes from red food color despite the chemical reaction of baking soda, vinegar , buttermilk and cocoa which cause a reddish brown color, not red in the cake. 

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B.B. King’s Blues Club of Nashville

24 February 2015 in Delicious!

I was very happy to have a chance to return B. B. King’s during a recent visit to Nashville.

It’s only natural to order a BBQ item at this restaurant.   The food is always great and the drink selection is plentiful.

Being a fan of live entertainment I was glad to grab a table in front of the stage to enjoy the tunes.



Let go of the honky-tonk and let the good times roll when you step into B.B. King’s Blues Club, one of Nashville’s finest live entertainment venues. The club offers a menu comprised of a variety of the South’s most delicious comfort foods influenced by flavors from New Orleans all the way to the Mississippi Delta, including authentic Memphis-style barbecue. Open daily for lunch, dinner and late night meals, the intimate restaurant and live music venue has some of the finest local entertainment in town live on stage nightly as well as national touring performers.

The club is located in the heart of Downtown Nashville on 2nd Avenue in “The District.”  In a city known for great music and entertainment, The District is an area established in the late 1980s to promote the city’s historic areas – 2nd Avenue, Broadway and Printers Alley – known for entertainment and arts. We are just blocks away from the Bridgestone Arena, Nashville Convention Center, LP Field and Nashville Music City Center.

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1/2 Baked

16 February 2015 in Delicious!

One of my lunch standards from 1/2 Baked is chicken salad with pasta salad.   Sometimes I’m craving for something different.

Classic chicken Caesar salad is also one of my favorites from 1/2 Baked


  • 415 S Long Dr
  • Rockingham, North Carolina 28379
Phone (910) 895-3333


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Banana Pudding Options

15 February 2015 in Delicious!

I have blogged about one of my favorite desserts  in the past.   Although I prefer the traditional banana pudding as displayed below, I have enjoyed other varieties of the dessert.  

From milkshakes to cupcakes, the banana pudding flavor appears to be an inreasingly popular option.


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The Depot

31 January 2015 in Delicious!

I would have never known about this restaurant without the suggestion from a friend who knew I was going to be near Dobson NC.

We cruised down a beautiful curvy road to Cody Creek.   The small compound contains a covered bridge, chapel, gift shop, what appeared to be a reception hall and of course The Depot Restaurant.

We were lucky to arrive before the Sunday lunch crowd.   After a long walk through the building to our dining area ( there are many in this large building) I glanced at the menu and within seconds made my lunch selection.   Upon ordering, our food arrived nearly as fast as I decided what to order.   

The mouthwatering meatloaf and side items were as expected.  Delicious!


Your Senses are captured as you pass through the front door. The natural decor of wood,rock, and water lends a rustic aura to the completely functional water wheel that takes your breath as you see it for the first time. Couple this with the aroma of fresh grilled steaks, ribs, chicken, chops and seafood, and you can’t leave unfulfilled.”

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Mystery Meal

28 January 2015 in Delicious!

Many times I snap some pics of a delicious meal and it remains on my phone for weeks before being posted .  I will have to do some brain storming to determine where this meal was eaten.

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Too much food for me to handle.

16 November 2014 in Delicious!

Holy moley!!! Too much food for me to handle. Boxes please!

I arrived with an empty stomach and left with a bag of leftovers.   The portions at Mia Francesca Trattoria were very hearty. More importantly than the large portions was the flavor!  The flavor of these Italian dishes was delightful to my taste buds.


Mia Francesca Trattoria restaurant in Midtown, located inside North Hills. We invite you to come and experience a menu that showcases truly authentic, made from scratch, farm to table Italian food. At Mia Francesca Trattoria Italian Restaurant, our chefs bring you what true Northern Italian casual fine dining is. Unlike other Italian Restaurants, our menu features Italian dishes with fresh, local ingredients, & rustic flare showcasing an ever changing menu always made from scratch Italian sauces, pastas, & dishes. As one of North Hills restaurants and because we are a North Carolina restaurant that celebrates fresh NC local ingredients, we participate in the NC Agriculture Department’s “Got to Be NC” program – a program we feel all restaurants in NC should be involved with.


Mia Francesca Trattoria
4100 Main at North Hills St.
Raleigh, NC 27609
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Go to Sammy’s if you are starving.

15 August 2014 in Delicious!

I’ve been to Sammy’s a few times and have never been disappointed. So many foods to choose from at reasonable prices.


The following are some “bullet points” about what is going on at Sammy’s.
All of our food is prepared in house, with a mostly “made from scratch menu”, and we are praised by many casual dining customers as having, “the best wings and the best food anywhere”. Our made from scratch menu is prepared daily and includes: slowly cooked and tender Baby Back Ribs, flame broiled Burgers, hand cut Chicken Fingers and Buffalo Bites, hand tossed Pizza Dough, homemade Wing Sauces, Salsa and more.
Watch EVERY game from one of our 57 LCD TV’s, and listen to YOUR game with one of our 32 wireless speaker boxes. We show EVERY game, including internet broadcasts.
Sammy’s is smoke free, and offers a freshly prepared full menu from 11am to 12 midnight, and a late night menu until 1:45am, 7 days a week.

The following are some “bullet points” about what is going on at Sammy’s.<

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Diviner and a movie at the same time.

3 August 2014 in Delicious!

This was my first experience at Studio Movie Grill and want to go back soon! Talk about convenient! I was hungry and wanted to watch movie. Very comfortable chairs, great food, the big screen with a fantastic surround system kept me entertained for a couple of hours.



Select from first-run movies or our alternate programming series.
Reserve your seats online for the best experience or stop by the box office.
Visit our bar and lounge areas to grab a drink and socialize before or after the show.
Enter the theater 20 minutes beforehand to order your food and beverages.
Press the call button at your seat and a server will arrive to take your order.
Your food and beverage order will be served at your seat.
Order as much and as often as you like throughout the show.
Your server will deliver your check before the movie ends.

Studio Movie Grill

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