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Custom design pizza by the slice

20121017-104629.jpgOnce again I have my mind and stomach set on a certain type of meal and then end up with something completely different.  Knowing that I was going to be back in Chapel Hill I did some brief research for restaurants serving hamburgers. My intent was to stay in the Franklin Street area and make my final restaurant decision once I arrived. I was fortunate again to find a decent parking space on Franklin Street and began my journey across to locate one of the burger joints I had researched prior. As I was walking down the street checking out local restaurants Artisan Pizza Kitchen caught my eye. A craving for hamburger suddenly change the pizza so I entered the restaurant to take a look at the menu. Among the many pizza options,calzones, sandwiches and burgers.  I noticed that you could build your on slice. Knowing that I really didn’t want to order a whole pizza I chose a couple custom slices with some of my favorite ingredients. I was impressed with how fast my slices are out to the table. These are not your average size pizza slices. They are very large and by the time I finish eating both of them I barely had room for dessert. Maybe I will find a good burger during my next visit to Chapel Hill. I would recommend Artisan Pizza Kitchen for a delicious quick meal when you are in the Chapel Hill area.



James and Jenkiss met in 1998 when James was running a Manhattan pizza parlor. They quickly became friends and dreamt of one day owning their own business. James and Jenkiss would often concoct their own pizza from the Margherita to the Fresca. One day they began experimenting with alternative pizza sauces: thus the artichoke pizza concept was born.

Jenkiss learned his way around running a business while working with Trains Cafe in Carrboro and Cafe Bazaar at Spice Street. James continued to develop a pizza and sandwich menu for their future business while still living in Manhattan.

In 2008, Jenkiss convinced James that a quaint shop on Franklin Street would be the perfect place to open a pizza parlor. So, James packed everything and moved to Chapel Hill. Thanks to more than 10 years of friendship and a meticulous business plan, James and Jenkiss opened their doors of Artisan Pizza Kitchen in May 2009.

Today, Artisan Pizza Kitchen welcomes thousands of locals and visitors alike to enjoy everything from the signature artichoke basil pizza to our delicious sandwiches made with homemade focaccia bread, salads and fresh grilled burgers.

Dine in, take out or order delivery today! We hope to see you soon at Artisan Pizza Kitchen!

Artisan Pizza Kitchen
153 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 929-9119


Red Robin Burnin’ Love

You’ll get fired up for the crisply fried jalapeño coins, tangy salsa and spicy Pepper-Jack cheese layered on top of our cayenne-seasoned burger. It’s topped with lettuce and fresh tomatoes to cool things off and served on a jalapeño-cornmeal kaiser roll with chipotle aioli.

The Burnin’ Love Burger  tingled my taste buds and was washed down with plenty of sweet tea.


Red Robin

2260 Walnut St,

Cary, NC

Warming up at the Hickory Tavern.

After standing outside in cold temps with constant wind watching a soccer game, I needed to have a good sit down meal.  I had several options nearby, but chose to drive a few miles out of the way to visit the nearest Hickory Tavern.  I have a few favorites there and the homemade Tavern Potato Chips are high on the list.  These delicious slices are served with mexi-ranch dressing.  I nearly filled up on the chip and sweet tea.

Fortunately I was still hungry enough to enjoy  a burger.  Another favorite is the Pepper Jack Burger.The Pepper Jack Burger is loaded with,  pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes & onions with a side of fries just in case I need more to eat.

Although I was full and finally warm, I still had to order some dessert to go.  The waitress looked surprised when I ordered four Tavern Towers to go.  We had plenty of cake to eat during the following few days.





9735 US 15-501 Hwy
Pinehurst, NC 28374


Things look yummy at the Tilted Kilt.

I was introduce to the Tilted Kilt last summer and have been a frequent visitor ever since. The Irish pub themed restaurant has an outstanding menu of items that are prepared prefect every time.  After my first visit, I described the Tilted Kilt as Hooters with better food.  There is plenty to look at while waiting for your order to cook.  Dozens of TV screens are broadcasting many sporting events to keep patrons entertained.  In addition, the waitresses are dressed in kilts and strategically tied shirts that may have belonged to little sisters.  Despite the miss-sized uniforms, I still enjoy each visit.

I typically find a favorite dish and stick with it, but at The Tilted Kilt, I’ve tried and enjoyed various items.  Several items come with a side of  garlic fries that are very good.    During my most recent visit I chose to eat the Scottish Cheesesteak.  As I’ve explained in a previous post, I like a good cheese steak with extra cheese.  I am happy to write that sufficient cheese was provided with this sandwich.  The burgers and chicken items are also delicious.

Believe this or not, but my favorite part of each visit is the dessert.  I am very fond of the Tilted Guilt.  The Tilted Guilt consists of a large half baked chocolate chip cookie served underneath a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup.  The entire dessert is sprinkled with powdered sugar.  I’d go just for the dessert and big screen TV’s!!!

From their website:  The Tilted Kilt concept originated in 2003, not in Ireland, not in Scotland, not even in England. Believe it or not, the Tilted Kilt actually came to life in America’s own city of sin, Las Vegas. The idea for a modern American, Irish, Scottish and English sports pub was the brainchild of successful restaurateur Mark DiMartino. His vision saw a contemporary, Celtic-themed sports pub staffed with beautiful servers

View MENU.

Fast food at the Backlot Express

I have always had good experiences at the quick service locations throughout the Walt Disney World resort.  One of my favorite location at  Disney Studios is the Backlot Express.  The areas are designed to look like a paint shop, stunt hall, sculpture shop and model shop.   This busy counter service location doesn’t waste time sending the food out to hungry customers.  With over 600 seats the area is typically swarming with people, but it has never seemed crowded. Just busy.

This tie I chose the 1/3 lb Angus Cheeseburger topped with Cheddar, Sweet Onion Ring, Vine-ripened Tomato, Lettuce and House Spread serviced with French Fries.  The tomato had to be removed (I dont eat them) , but the rest of the burger was great!  Once again the dessert was also delicious.

We were fortunate to find a seat beside one of the condiment islands and kept a steady flow of ketchup and napkins at the table.

The Backlot Express is located between Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! and Star Tours.

Cajun Burgers in Bryson City N.C.

When I read an article about Jimmy Macs in a previous edition of Our State Magazine, I knew that I had to plan a visit.  The menu offering 20 different variety of hamburger made me want to be there to sample several.

We arrived just before the lunch crowd and the place filled up soon after we took our seats.  I was tempted to try a pasta meal, although I had my mind set on a hamburger.

There were plenty of styles of burgers listed on the menu. The article Our State mentioned a cajun burger that I was certain to order. I did!  It was delicious as expected.  I enjoy spicy foods and could not wait to see how much of a kick the burger would provide.  It was just right.  Not too much to take away from the flavor of the burger.  I think that I made the correct choice.

cajun burger









Jimmy Mac’s Restaurant

121 Main Street
Bryson City, NC 28713

(828) 488-4700

Offering both lunch and dinner in a casual and inviting atmosphere on Main Street, Jimmy Mac’s features a full menu including soups,salads, appetizers,burgers,steak, seafood and more.

River City Cafe – Myrtle Beach

river city cafe

river city cafe

I enjoy a good hamburger and don’t have a problem being surrounded by license plates for a great hamburger.  I walked nearly two miles to River City Cafe during my most recent trip to Myrtle Beach.   The walk was worth the effort.  however, the walk back was a little difficult since my belly was full of delicious food.

The building may look out of place among the sky rise hotels along ocean boulevard, but it has been a part of Myrtle Beach for more than 25 years.   They stay busy, but very efficient in preparing meals to get you back on the beach.  Waiting is not a big deal to me.  A basket of peanuts is enough to keep me patient for a while.

river city cafe

river city cafe

The peanut shell covered menu is the closest food photo that I have available, because I devoured the hamburger before I realized that I had not taken a shot.   The two mile walk made me very hungry.    River City prepares a Jalapeno Burger as good as the way that I do and the tea is sweet as tea should be.   Just imagine what it could have looked like on a plate surrounded by french fries.

There are seven River City Cafes in the area, but I have only been to the one on 21st Avenue.

River City Cafe

404 21st Avenue

Mrytle beach, SC

(843) 448-1990