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Lime & Basil was worth the wait.

20121011-225417.jpgLime and Basil wasn’t the first choice for dinner. The original plan was to grab Chinese for a quick meal before returning home. Lime & Basil seemed to be calling and we made our way across Franklin Street to glance at the menu.  I had never been to a Vietnamese restaurant and was a bit concerned that I would find something on the menu that I would eat.  I skimmed  the menu posted on the window, found the word “chicken” and was satisfied with entering the restaurant to find a table. Plenty of tables were found in this small and popular restaurant.  Many people had beaten us to the tables in the appropriately painted lime green dining area.  We were greeted by a very mellow host who asked if we were on “The List.”   Fortunately to get on “The List” all we had to do was give a name and party size.  We were informed of a 20 minute wait and agreed to be added to “The List.”  The 20 minute wait was extended to 30 as the early patrons were not making plans to exit the building upon completion of their meal. I was curious to know what a gentleman in the corner was doing.  He had an office setup with laptop, cell phone and note pads.   He appeared to be working more than eating.  Finally, the early birds began to wrap up their visit and allow those of us on “The List” to have a chance to eat dinner.


After being seated, I didn’t spend much time reading the menu.  I had made up my mind prior to entering. I selected the Classic Lemongrass Stir-Fry with chicken.  Sauteed carrots, onions, and beansprouts with lemon grass and chili in a garlic stir-fry sauce placed over rice.   In addition, I added some Chile sauce to the blend to fire up the meal.  Everything was good.  I could have had a few more pieces of chicken, but that’s normal for me.  By the time I cleaned my plate, there was no room for dessert.   I think that “The List.’ was even longer by the time we finished our meal.  The building was full with more people waiting outside.


Lime & Basil

200 W. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Dairy Queen Spicy Chicken Strip Basket.

I’ve noticed the commercials for the Dairy Queen Spicy Chicken Strip Basket combo.  I usually order some hotdogs or regular chicken baskets and I typically stay with my favorites at most restaurants.    The commercials and my enjoyment of spicy food led me to give this meal a try.

I could tell immediately after the first bite that I was going to enjoy this meal. The chicken had a nice amount of “bite” to it. The spicy-ness didn’t linger too much after each bite.  They offer a four and a six piece combo.  For me, the four piece with fries, bread and drink is plenty of food.

I’m glad that I let the commercial and craving for spicy food bring me to Dairy Queen today.


First meal of the day at The Grill at Four Corners

Considering that this was my first meal of the day and it’s 7:00pm this dish has an advantage. I’ll that I’ve had today is a power bar, chewing gum, breath mints, and water. Plate delicious when it was placed on the table. I didn’t give it a chance to cool and burned my tongue twice.

After I gained the feeling back and the food cooled down I restarted the feast. The meal came out within minutes of ordering and I sort of had my doubts about it. My doubts soon disappeared. I received a generous portion and enjoyed the small chunks of chicken. This may have been the first time I’ve had chicken pasta and the pasta disappeared before the chicken.

I will have to try dessert another time I am too full to eat another bite.

I liked the various eating levels and multiple TV screens. The music was good but loud requiring people to yell at each other. Typical sports bar/restaurant. I’ll visit again.


The Grill at Four Corners
175 E Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC
(919) 537-8230

Things look yummy at the Tilted Kilt.

I was introduce to the Tilted Kilt last summer and have been a frequent visitor ever since. The Irish pub themed restaurant has an outstanding menu of items that are prepared prefect every time.  After my first visit, I described the Tilted Kilt as Hooters with better food.  There is plenty to look at while waiting for your order to cook.  Dozens of TV screens are broadcasting many sporting events to keep patrons entertained.  In addition, the waitresses are dressed in kilts and strategically tied shirts that may have belonged to little sisters.  Despite the miss-sized uniforms, I still enjoy each visit.

I typically find a favorite dish and stick with it, but at The Tilted Kilt, I’ve tried and enjoyed various items.  Several items come with a side of  garlic fries that are very good.    During my most recent visit I chose to eat the Scottish Cheesesteak.  As I’ve explained in a previous post, I like a good cheese steak with extra cheese.  I am happy to write that sufficient cheese was provided with this sandwich.  The burgers and chicken items are also delicious.

Believe this or not, but my favorite part of each visit is the dessert.  I am very fond of the Tilted Guilt.  The Tilted Guilt consists of a large half baked chocolate chip cookie served underneath a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup.  The entire dessert is sprinkled with powdered sugar.  I’d go just for the dessert and big screen TV’s!!!

From their website:  The Tilted Kilt concept originated in 2003, not in Ireland, not in Scotland, not even in England. Believe it or not, the Tilted Kilt actually came to life in America’s own city of sin, Las Vegas. The idea for a modern American, Irish, Scottish and English sports pub was the brainchild of successful restaurateur Mark DiMartino. His vision saw a contemporary, Celtic-themed sports pub staffed with beautiful servers

View MENU.

Award winning BBQ from a Hillbilly.

It’s impossible to dodge the aroma floating around the parking lot at Hillbilly’s BBQ & Steaks in Gastonia.   The smell the open flame pit is very inviting and nearly dragged me into the restaurant.   The Gastonia location is the second Hillbilly’s opening in 1991.  The building appears to be a former Western Sizzler or other type of family steakhouse.  As you enter you are greeted and led to a table to preview he menu of  pork, chicken and steak dishes.  I am a fan of shredded pork BBQ and never hesitate to order the BBQ plate.   The hushpuppys and BBQ sauce offered prior to receiving your order is a great start.   During this trip we went through two servings of hushpuppies and fortunately didnt fill up before receiving the meal.  I like lots of sauce and you get plenty at Hillbillys.  To add to the delicious meal, the sweet tea is  always nice and sweet as it should be.



About Hillbillys:

Hillbilly’s BBQ & Steaks opened its first store in June 1989, which is located in Lowell, North Carolina. In 1991 the second store opened in Gastonia, North Carolina. Gerald Duncan and Chris Earle, two good friends started a dream. Gerald was 21 years old and Chris was 27 years old. As of the year 2000 Gerald Duncan became the sole owner. With the help of family and dear friends Hillbilly’s has remained a place that family and great food is very important. The philosophy from the very beginning was to serve great food at affordable prices. From the very beginning the cooking was done over an open flame pit with mesquite wood and it is still done that way today. Our side dishes are made fresh daily and the customers truly love it that way.  With the help of family and friends we work hard to make your dining experience a memorable one. In the year 2009,  the third stored was opened in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Hamilton’s B B Q & Fried Chicken in Biscoe, N.C.

Hamilton’s B B Q & Fried Chicken is a small diner located about a mile west of the Walmart shopping center in Biscoe, N.C.   If you’ve found a section of the highway divided by a median, you’ve pasted the small building with aged wooded sides and gravel parking lot.  This a basic diner in an average small town.  The sound from the  small flat screen TV hanging on the wall blends in with the sounds coming from the open kitchen behind the counter.  Nothing fancy there, but the service is good.   The tables are clean and the food is prepared beyond expectations.

I have visited Hamilton’s B B Q & Fried Chicken several times, but have never tried their B B Q & Fried Chicken.   I’ve never had anything but their extra large single pancake and I am always pleased with the results.   The large fluffy pancakes are made from homemade batter and tastes great!  I have never been able to finish a whole pancake ,but enjoy trying.


Hamilton’s B B Q And Fried Chicken

(910) 428-9730

1945 Nc Highway 24-27 E

Biscoe, NC 27209

Mexican Hardees.

La Cabana, also know as Mexican Hardees, is my favorite Mexican restaurant to visit.   It’s called Mexican Hardees because it is in a former Hardees fast food location.  The current owners painted the building bright green and orange and you notice is as you approach from either direction of business highway #74 in Rockingham N.C.

The popular restaurant serves a wonderful chicken fajita quesadilla.  I prefer the chunks of chicken over shredded that some restaurants serve.  The chips and hot saulsa with queso cheese dip is also good.

La Cabana Mexican Restaurant was listed in Our State magazine in July 2010.


La Cabana Mexican Restaurant
220 West Broad Avenue, Rockingham, N.C. 28379
phone: (910) 410-9775

I had a dang quesadilla!

I have had opportunities to visit a Chili’s twice recently and have become a fan of the chicken quesadillas on the menu.  I’ve enjoyed visiting Chili’s for over 20 years and the menu changes frequently enough for me to find something different nearly every visit.

The old-fashioned burgers, chicken pasta and chili are also highly recommended.

Chili’s MENU


Yak & Yeti! That has a weird ring to it.

We attempted to get a table at Yak and Yeti one year during thanksgiving week and it was packed.  Prior to the most recent trip we made reservations early to make sure that we would get to have dinner there.

“Situated at the base of Mt. Everest in the small town of Anandapur in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, this grand old house turned restaurant sets out adventurous meals of Asian cuisine that combines flavors from China, India and Nepal.”

For my meal I chose Sweet & Sour Chicken – Tempura chicken, ginger, garlic, bell peppers, pineapple.  It was filling but left just enough room for Chocolate pudding cake, raspberry sauce.

After dinner I roamed around the building to admire the decorations.  There’s an array of artifacts from the collection “the proprietor” and his family amassed from their travels across Southeast Asia. Some of these souvenirs include statues, fine tapestries and 900-pound, gold inlaid silk puppets.

Visiting Japanese Pavilion at Epcot

Being a huge fan of a local Japanese restuarant I wanted to try to quick service place at the Japan exhibit in Epcot.   The  Katsura Grill formerly known as the Yakitori House offers a good selection of quick meals to prevent guests from losing valuable time seeing the other areas of the park.  Indoor and outdoor dining areas are available.

upon viewing the menu I did not see my usual Hibachi chicken that I enjoy so much while at home.   I chose the Shogun Combo, which includes Teriyaki chicken and beef with sticky rice and vegetables.   It was a good meal and was just enough to last me until dinner.

I have never seen a large crowd at this location and recommend making a stop to take a break.

If you time it just right you can see the Japanese taiko drummers, Matsuriza perform.