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Custom design pizza by the slice

20121017-104629.jpgOnce again I have my mind and stomach set on a certain type of meal and then end up with something completely different.  Knowing that I was going to be back in Chapel Hill I did some brief research for restaurants serving hamburgers. My intent was to stay in the Franklin Street area and make my final restaurant decision once I arrived. I was fortunate again to find a decent parking space on Franklin Street and began my journey across to locate one of the burger joints I had researched prior. As I was walking down the street checking out local restaurants Artisan Pizza Kitchen caught my eye. A craving for hamburger suddenly change the pizza so I entered the restaurant to take a look at the menu. Among the many pizza options,calzones, sandwiches and burgers.  I noticed that you could build your on slice. Knowing that I really didn’t want to order a whole pizza I chose a couple custom slices with some of my favorite ingredients. I was impressed with how fast my slices are out to the table. These are not your average size pizza slices. They are very large and by the time I finish eating both of them I barely had room for dessert. Maybe I will find a good burger during my next visit to Chapel Hill. I would recommend Artisan Pizza Kitchen for a delicious quick meal when you are in the Chapel Hill area.



James and Jenkiss met in 1998 when James was running a Manhattan pizza parlor. They quickly became friends and dreamt of one day owning their own business. James and Jenkiss would often concoct their own pizza from the Margherita to the Fresca. One day they began experimenting with alternative pizza sauces: thus the artichoke pizza concept was born.

Jenkiss learned his way around running a business while working with Trains Cafe in Carrboro and Cafe Bazaar at Spice Street. James continued to develop a pizza and sandwich menu for their future business while still living in Manhattan.

In 2008, Jenkiss convinced James that a quaint shop on Franklin Street would be the perfect place to open a pizza parlor. So, James packed everything and moved to Chapel Hill. Thanks to more than 10 years of friendship and a meticulous business plan, James and Jenkiss opened their doors of Artisan Pizza Kitchen in May 2009.

Today, Artisan Pizza Kitchen welcomes thousands of locals and visitors alike to enjoy everything from the signature artichoke basil pizza to our delicious sandwiches made with homemade focaccia bread, salads and fresh grilled burgers.

Dine in, take out or order delivery today! We hope to see you soon at Artisan Pizza Kitchen!

Artisan Pizza Kitchen
153 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 929-9119


Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

Beaches & Cream Soda Shop is located at Beach Club Resort.   After a long day at one of the theme parks we exited the boat and hurried down the dock and toward Beaches& Cream in hopes of grabbing a late night dessert.   When we arrived it was obvious that the shop wasnt closing anytime soon.  there was a line to the door and the dining area was full.

While I was waiting to place an order I kept noticing large silver bowls on several tables.   After some quick research on the menu I realized that these items were called “Kitchen Sink Sundae”  – Eight scoops of Ice Cream served with all the Toppings in the house and a whole can of Whipped Cream.  The bowls contained enough ice-cream and toppings  for 5-6 people.   I am a bit picky about sharing plates or extra large bowls with other people.  It was fun to watch the other guests dig into their bowls.

Meanwhile my Old-fashioned hot fudge Sundae was being prepared. for my enjoyment. Fortunately we didn’t have a long walk to our room after eating the delight.





Hey Ya’ll. I ate a boat load of food from Paula Deen’s Kitchen.

Several years ago during a trip to Savannah, we decided not to stand in line for a chance to eat at Paula Deen’s  “The Lady & Sons” restaurant.   At the time this didn’t seem lie a good idea and we went elsewhere.     I recently had the opportunity to visit “Paula Deen’s Kitchen” and did not pass this time.

“Paula Deen’s Buffet” is located within the Harrah’s Cherokee location that has built an impressive complex in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.   Upon entering the building we found ourselves at the Casino entrance.  I expected to be rushed by security since I had a camera around my neck and two minors tagging along.  Instead, I had to approach  a little lady with a badge to ask for directions.  In true southern style she proceeded to give me very detailed directions and also told me that since it was after 4:00 we would probably need a reservation to get a seat.  Well, this is not what I wanted to hear since I had my mind set on trying out the restaurant.  We turned around and began the journey from the casino to the restaurant.  The directions carried us up to the second floor where we could see the casino area below.  Lots of flashing, lights noise and senior citizens occupied nearly every seat.  I almost forgot about eating.  The attraction below us was very fascinating.   However, I had a mission and soon remembered that I needed to continue my hike through the large building.  We found our way to the front desk and was immediately asked, “Do ya’ll have  a reservation”?  After I said, “No, but I’m looking for a table for four”, the hostess marked a square on her note pad and instructed us to follow the young man with the menus.  I was a bit surprised, but happily stepped forward with a smile.  There were plenty of tables available.  I suppose that it was either because everyone was in the casino or we beat the rush.  Regardless, I was happy to be seated beside the buffet to keep the walking time between plates to a minimum.

As shown in the pic above, the buffet had the usual southern style selection.  I focused on the green items located to the opposite end of the plate to show that I had chosen some collards.  I am not a big veggie fan, but could not resist.  They looked delicious and they were.   I also added mashed potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese and delicious cheesy meatloaf.   This was just the beginning.    We were seated close to the gentleman working the prime rib area and every cut looked to good to resist.  I tried a rare and well done cut.  Both were very good, but I preferred the taste of the rare.  This is also unusually for me since I do not like bloody meat on my plate.  I would eat it again and again because the flavor was wonderful.

The buffet had a good selection and the menu wasn’t lacking either.  I could visit this place at least a dozen times and try something different during each trip.

“Harrah’s Cherokee welcomes Paula Deen’s Kitchen, the first restaurant to be unveiled as part of a more than $630 million expansion.

The “Queen of Southern Cuisine” will launch a full-service, 404-seat restaurant featuring an á la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will be reminiscent of the décor and ambiance of Paula Deen’s home and kitchen in Savannah.

At the entrance to the restaurant shop in the unique 1,800-square-foot Paula Deen retail shop that offers her popular cookbooks, spices and food items, cookware, logo wear and gifts.

Enjoy Paula Deen’s special style of cooking and Southern hospitality, a perfect fit with our guests here in the Great Smoky Mountains!”

Reservations: 1-877-811-0777
Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 7am-10pm
Friday – Saturday: 7am-11pm