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Custom design pizza by the slice

20121017-104629.jpgOnce again I have my mind and stomach set on a certain type of meal and then end up with something completely different.  Knowing that I was going to be back in Chapel Hill I did some brief research for restaurants serving hamburgers. My intent was to stay in the Franklin Street area and make my final restaurant decision once I arrived. I was fortunate again to find a decent parking space on Franklin Street and began my journey across to locate one of the burger joints I had researched prior. As I was walking down the street checking out local restaurants Artisan Pizza Kitchen caught my eye. A craving for hamburger suddenly change the pizza so I entered the restaurant to take a look at the menu. Among the many pizza options,calzones, sandwiches and burgers.  I noticed that you could build your on slice. Knowing that I really didn’t want to order a whole pizza I chose a couple custom slices with some of my favorite ingredients. I was impressed with how fast my slices are out to the table. These are not your average size pizza slices. They are very large and by the time I finish eating both of them I barely had room for dessert. Maybe I will find a good burger during my next visit to Chapel Hill. I would recommend Artisan Pizza Kitchen for a delicious quick meal when you are in the Chapel Hill area.



James and Jenkiss met in 1998 when James was running a Manhattan pizza parlor. They quickly became friends and dreamt of one day owning their own business. James and Jenkiss would often concoct their own pizza from the Margherita to the Fresca. One day they began experimenting with alternative pizza sauces: thus the artichoke pizza concept was born.

Jenkiss learned his way around running a business while working with Trains Cafe in Carrboro and Cafe Bazaar at Spice Street. James continued to develop a pizza and sandwich menu for their future business while still living in Manhattan.

In 2008, Jenkiss convinced James that a quaint shop on Franklin Street would be the perfect place to open a pizza parlor. So, James packed everything and moved to Chapel Hill. Thanks to more than 10 years of friendship and a meticulous business plan, James and Jenkiss opened their doors of Artisan Pizza Kitchen in May 2009.

Today, Artisan Pizza Kitchen welcomes thousands of locals and visitors alike to enjoy everything from the signature artichoke basil pizza to our delicious sandwiches made with homemade focaccia bread, salads and fresh grilled burgers.

Dine in, take out or order delivery today! We hope to see you soon at Artisan Pizza Kitchen!

Artisan Pizza Kitchen
153 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 929-9119


Causeway Gourmet.

During a trip to Ocean Isle beach to photography a wedding we discovered the Causeway Gourmet by accident.   After the wedding we decided to find a place to grab a quick bite to eat and tried a few locations, but they were either closed, closing or didn’t serve anything besides ice-cream and candy.  On the other side of the bridge we noticed a small place that appeared to still be open so we raced over to see if we could find some decent food.  Walking to the door the posted hours showed that they closed in 15 minutes.  We entered and were greeted with smiles and asked if we were dining in tonight.  I confirmed their hours and was willing to get some food to go, but they insisted that we should eat in if that was our preference.  We quickly looked at the menu and placed an order.

I selected a cold sandwich called Drunken TomThe Drunken Tom contains Mesquite Smoked Turkey and Jack on Wheatberry bread with a little mayo and  Red Wine Peach Compote.  The sandwich was delicious and they have a nice selection of desserts available.   The Causeway Gourmet will definitely be on our list of places to visit during the next trip to Ocean Isle Beach.


Take out or delivery and catering too! We specialize in scratch cooking and fresh ingredients. Our extensive menu has appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees and homemade desserts. Please call ahead.


100-7 Causeway Drive, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 910-575-108


Henry’s Uptown Cafe – Rockingham NC

Henry's Chicken Salad on Croissant with fries.

There’s a new chef in town and word is spreading about a small restaurant in Rockingham, N.C.   Henry’s Uptown Cafe is the name of this popular establishment and some would be surprised at the menu offered.  This is not your ordinary small town dining room.  The main difference is the food being prepared in the kitchen.  You can get the usual Burger and fries as expected at a small town cafe, but other items on the menu may be surprising.  Beef Caprese Salad, Henry’s Chicken Salad on Croissant, Mahi-Mahi and the daily gourmet desserts are just a few items that make this cafe menu unique.  The random desserts, made daily, are alone worth a visit to Henry’s.  Each item has a special touch that make Henry’s a place unlike any other in the area.

The daily lunch specials range from Penne Pasta with Italian sausage to Sautéed Shrimp with Tricolor tortellini in a tomato cream sauce.  These are gourmet items at affordable cafe prices are too good to pass.  One visit to Henry’s should convince any patron that Henry is in the kitchen enjoying a passion of preparing delicious meals.

A complete breakfast menu is available for the early risers and dinner is now provided Thursday through Saturday until 9:00pm.

Gourmet desserts prepared daily.

Become a fan of  Henry’s facebook page to receive daily special notifications.
Henry’s Uptown Cafe
118 S Hancock St

Rockingham, NC 28379

Phone:(910) 895-6600

Sour Cream. I don’t hate it. It’s just not good.

I am breaking my rules again and posting about a food item that I do not eat.  Sour Cream.  Sour cream or soured cream is a dairy product rich in fats obtained by fermenting a regular cream by certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria.  Commercially produced sour cream often contains additional thickening agents such as gelatin, rennin, guar and carrageen, as well as acids to artificially sour the product.   The description is not very appealing, but I know that it will not prevent others from eating it.

From what I see and hear, baked potatoes and mexican dishes require the fermented cream as a condiment.  I will eat it if it’s mixed with onion dip, but that’s the only time.  I have probably had it in some other dips or sauces and am fine with it as long as I don’t know about it.

sour cream

sour cream

FYI – Sour cream is not fully fermented, and as such must be stored under refrigeration. As with other dairy products, it is usually sold with an expiration date stamped on the container, though whether this is a “sell by” a “best by” or a “use by” date varies with local regulation. Food authorities, such as the USDA, advise that sour cream with visible mold should be discarded, as it may be contaminated below the surface and could contain dangerous mycotoxins and aflatoxin

(Source –

Orange Cranberry Club Sandwich. Yum!!

The first deli was opened in 1989 in a renovated gas station.   By 1995, McAlister’s Corporation was recognized by INC. Magazine as one of America’s fastest-growing, privately-owned companies.   There are currently has over 300 locations in 22 states.  The closest location to Rockingham is located on Highway 74 in Monroe.

My all-time favorite items is the ORANGE CRANBERRY CLUB sandwich.  The sandwich consists of Smoked turkey, hickory ham, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, Swiss, lite mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and orange cranberry sauce on harvest wheat bread.  Some delicious potato salad on the side and a large cup of McALISTER’S FAMOUS SWEET TEA™ completes a great meal.

McAlister's Club


“Dine in or carry out, McAlister’s has all the fresh, delicious menu selections for a great meal and a great moment to relax and recharge — whether you come in to dig in (and linger over bottomless glass of McAlister’s Famous Sweet Tea), or call in or order online for a carry-out feast.

Get all your favorites, including our Famous Sweet Tea by the glass or by the gallon.”


Play ball!!! (or eat!!)

I’ve been to several baseball stadiums from Atlanta to New York and besides offering a view of national pastime they have something else in common. Delicious food!!!  There is something about a baseball game that makes me want to eat.  A local little league ballpark serves some of my favorite hot dogs.  I am not aware of anything that they do special, but the hot dogs sure to taste good!

baseball hotdog

baseball hot dog

Freshed squeezed lemonade is also a requirement for me to have when I go to a ballgame.  Other than a couple of festivals each year, I do not have lemonade any other time.   I can get lemonade everyday if I wanted too, but I don;t really think about it unless I am at a baseball game.

There are several other snacks that I enjoy at the games.  When I am walking around with my camera shooting random photos, I like to grab an ice cream sandwich, nacho chips with cheese and/or a funnel cake.  You can usually tell that I’ve had a funnel cake if my camera bag and shirt are covered in white powder.

funnel cake sugar baseball

funnel cake sugar baseball

Hot dogs, pizza chips and beer are standard among most baseball stadiums.  During the past few years stadium menus across the U.S. have been revamped to include items such as sizzling beef fajitas to deep-fried cod.  The question “Which baseball stadium has the best eats?” has been asked many times.  I do not want to job of trying to choose one, but I’d sure love to sample all and give my opinion.

Goop Sandwich

Have you ever eaten a goop sandwich? Maybe you call it a melted ham and cheese.  I recently had dinner with someone who made a comment about having too much dressing and sauce.  I not think that there is such thing as too much of those two items.  This also applies to the cheese and mix in the goop sandwich.  The original recipe calls for the mix to be applied to the top of the bread. I prefer to have plenty inside on both pieces surrounding the ham.  The revised recipe is listed below.

goop sandwich

goop sandwich

2 packages of small tea rolls (or hamburger buns)

8 oz sliced ham

6 oz swiss cheese slices

1 stick margarine, softened

1 1/2 tablespoon poppy seed

1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1 1/2 tablespoon prepared mustard

1 tablespoon onion flakes

Slice or separate rolls.   Mix margarine, poppy seed, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, onion flakes and spread inside each piece of bread.   Layer ham and cheese between layers of bread.    Place rolls in foil tray or wrap in aluminum foil.   Bake until cheese is melted or heated through.

How to make a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich.

This post was too long and needed it’s own page.  The information and photos below were posted to on January 18, 2006 and has received more than 43,000 views.  Not bad for a food porn spread. (pun intended)

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peanut butter and jelly

peanut butter and jelly