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Dairy Queen Spicy Chicken Strip Basket.

I’ve noticed the commercials for the Dairy Queen Spicy Chicken Strip Basket combo.  I usually order some hotdogs or regular chicken baskets and I typically stay with my favorites at most restaurants.    The commercials and my enjoyment of spicy food led me to give this meal a try.

I could tell immediately after the first bite that I was going to enjoy this meal. The chicken had a nice amount of “bite” to it. The spicy-ness didn’t linger too much after each bite.  They offer a four and a six piece combo.  For me, the four piece with fries, bread and drink is plenty of food.

I’m glad that I let the commercial and craving for spicy food bring me to Dairy Queen today.


Cajun Burgers in Bryson City N.C.

When I read an article about Jimmy Macs in a previous edition of Our State Magazine, I knew that I had to plan a visit.  The menu offering 20 different variety of hamburger made me want to be there to sample several.

We arrived just before the lunch crowd and the place filled up soon after we took our seats.  I was tempted to try a pasta meal, although I had my mind set on a hamburger.

There were plenty of styles of burgers listed on the menu. The article Our State mentioned a cajun burger that I was certain to order. I did!  It was delicious as expected.  I enjoy spicy foods and could not wait to see how much of a kick the burger would provide.  It was just right.  Not too much to take away from the flavor of the burger.  I think that I made the correct choice.

cajun burger









Jimmy Mac’s Restaurant

121 Main Street
Bryson City, NC 28713

(828) 488-4700

Offering both lunch and dinner in a casual and inviting atmosphere on Main Street, Jimmy Mac’s features a full menu including soups,salads, appetizers,burgers,steak, seafood and more.